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I share my original poetry, experiences with mental health, tips for personal wellness, favorite recipes, what I’m reading and really anything else I feel like writing about. I’m also documenting my experiences through the Covid-19 pandemic with my series Covid Chronicles. On my column Everyday Thoughts, I share general life updates and what’s coming up on the blog.

My goal is to explore the world through the written word and to document my journey of figuring out how to live life well. And hopefully, to help and connect with others by sharing it along the way.

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The Loss of Something Invisible, Mourning a Dream

The grief of infertility. Like two little birds, we built a nest. With hard work together we gathered everything we would need to embark on a new journey together in parenthood. And then nothing happened. And now the nest sits empty. I learned somewhere along the way in our infertility journey that Hannah in the…