Introducing HBLogs – Why Do I Write?

I hear people say all the time “writing is dead”. And I honestly don’t know what they are talking about or really trying to say. While it is true some print forms have moved to digital (magazines, newspapers etc.), print is not dead! Books are still being published and printed. And even if physical print has slowed down in some areas of writing, there is still plenty being written in new digital forms. And more importantly, life continues and therefore there is still plenty to write about.

I’ve always enjoyed writing since I was pretty little. I remember writing stories with my siblings growing up – I even have some of them tucked away still – telling fantastical tales, creating characters and worlds. I’ve written a little poetry too, here and there. Mostly though, I enjoy that writing is sort of like talking. I’ve always loved to talk and have often been told I’m a “chatterbox” or “chatty Cathy”. But what I mean is that talking and writing are both ways of exploring ideas and sharing a discussion with others. Writing however, allows me to let out my thoughts, break them down, and actually look at them in a more concrete format than talking. I like conducting thought experiments and I enjoy communicating those thoughts. That’s what I love about writing.

I’ve thought about writing for awhile now, but could never settle on what form I wanted it to take. A book? A blog? Maybe just a diary? A book felt like too big of a project for now. A diary wouldn’t allow me to share my writing more publicly and I found that demotivating. So, I more or less settled on a blog but I still struggled to start one. I think the pressure from society to make everything we do profitable, consistent, branded, and to focus on one area was intimidating and kept me from starting anything.

So, why did I start this blog? Because I wanted to and I was tired of waiting for “perfect”. Because I have a lot to say about a lot of things and would like somewhere to put it together and share it with others. Because I hope that in sharing my thoughts it is interesting and enjoyable, and maybe even helpful for other people. Because it’s nice to think that we all have a voice in the world.

So what can you expect to read here? I wanted to create a space to share my reflections on every day life and so, that it will include a lot of different topics that I can’t really predict. But basically, you can expect writings on my personal reflections, experiences, and on different things that I encounter in this life. I will also be sharing my favourite recipes and adventures in everyday cooking. I enjoy simple cooking and I think that one can never have too many recipes. There may also be a smattering of my responses to new media (movies, books, music & culture). I am a self-confident geek & nerd. And last, a gallery of my hobby photography.

So, I hope some (or all) of that appeals to you.

I’d love it if you’d join me on this blogging journey!

Write soon,

Hannah B. L.

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