5 Favourite Take-out Restaurants in Ottawa

When I sat down to plan out my posts for this coming week I was trying to figure out what cooking adventure I should share. But, I’ll be honest I just haven’t been cooking lately.

My husband and I have been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and have been really trying to relax, rest, and refuel our inner energy. And, if I’m being honest, part of that for me was taking a little break from cooking.

It has been awesome and fun to explore and enjoy the wonderful restaurants where we live in Ottawa. Especially right now, when a lot of small businesses are struggling, it felt great to interact and connect with our community (socially distant of course), and also to support local people and businesses.

So, of course, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different and share 5 of my favourite take-out restaurants that we’ve been enjoying lately.

Some of these are newer to me and some are old tried and true favourites but, they are all highly recommended from me!

  1. Louis’ Pizza When we moved to Vanier almost 4 years ago we were quickly introduced to the institution that is Louis’ pizza. From the outside it may not look like any particularly special pizza place, but it really does have that old school local business feel. The service is very quick taking only about 20 minutes to get a fresh pizza. Prices are fair with lots of topping options. The other food on the menu is also great including the chocolate and coconut cream pie made fresh daily. The hostesses are no nonsense and get your order in quickly while still making you feel like they appreciate your business. Hot, fresh, chewy thick crust, loads of toppings and tons of cheese, it has quickly become our favourite place to order pizza from.
  2. Sushi Village I started going to Sushi Village in University with my best friend. We would go on girls days and get the all-you-can eat sushi lunch for $15. More recently, I tried their delivery service when I had a craving for sushi mid-pandemic and I was very impressed with the quality of delivery. I posted about it on Instagram because the spread was so beautifully presented. It was pretty quick to arrive too only taking about 30 minutes. If you are looking for a good variety of sushi at reasonable prices for delivery – look no further.
  3. Greek To Go My husband and I discovered Greek To Go about a year ago when I had a hankering for Greek but didn’t know where we could order it from close to us. And it turned out there was this great little Greek place just down the road from us that delivers. They have a good selection of foods including some really good combo deals. The portions are great and delivery is reliable and pretty quick. Personally I really enjoy their pork and chicken souflaki plates, hot pita, and their tzatziki. Everything is always hot and fresh on arrival!
  4. Golden Bowl Restaurant Early into the pandemic my husband and I wanted to order some Chinese food. Unfortunately, the place we had really loved for the last few years closed during the first wave of the pandemic. So, we were in search of a new place. We saw Golden Bowl recommended by some friends of ours and decided to try it out. We were very pleased with our food, the portions were very generous and so we even had enough to freeze for a second dinner later! The egg rolls and wonton soup were particularly good. We’re definitely looking forward to ordering from them again soon!
  5. Great Canadian Poutinerie When you have a hunger for poutine I have found it can be tricky to find a place that will deliver. Well – look no further – as I have found a fabulous poutinerie that does just that. My husband and I have always been avid poutine eaters and seek out good poutine often. Great Canadian Poutinerie offers everything from classic cheese curds and gravy to build-your-own poutine with as many toppings as you like. Two of my absolute favourites are the Original Philly (Philly Cheese Steak), and the Beef O.M.G which has ground beef, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and green peppers. The best part is the incredibly squeaky fresh cheese curds that are supplied through local farms. Cannot recommend a better poutine in Ottawa!

Writing this post has made me so hungry! But, in all seriousness, I highly recommend each of these restaurants. So, if you’re looking for a fun Friday take-out night (or any other night of the week) I strongly encourage you to give these a try!

Let me know if you do try-out any of these places, what your experience was like, and most importantly what you ate!

Write soon,

Hannah B.L.

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