Just breathe.
Plant your feet.
Turn to face it.

Know that you are strong.

A wave of change is coming.
Another one will come after that.

It will feel endless,

It’s the ebb and flow
and rhythm of the world,
of life.

Never starting,
never ending.

Some days it feels too fast.
Some days it feels too slow.

Some waves will be huge
tidal waves that slam into you,
and soak you to the bone.

Others will be small
and just wet your ankles.

Take your deepest breaths
in the pause,
in the breaks between the waves.

The rush will feel

Don’t panic,
be brave.

This crest is almost over.
It will pass before you know it.

Your head once again above water.

Then you’ll be left in the sand,
in the foam.

And in the calm
your soul will soar,
it will roam.


All poetry and artwork are my own original works. Please do not download, copy paste, or otherwise use them without permission. If you would like to use or feature my work please contact me.

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