1 Year of HBLogs

It is hard to believe that HBLogs is turning 1!

One year ago I took a leap, and decided to just go for it, to pursue my dream unabashedly. I don’t think when I started this project a year ago I could have told you exactly what direction this would lead or what my content would look like. But here we are a year later and I am so grateful that I took that scary jump, put myself out there, and ultimately believed in myself enough to just try.

Starting any new project is intimidating and can feel like it has so much risk attached to it. Risk of failure, disappointment, frustration, struggle, and in the case of putting yourself out there online, embarrassment or even bullying.

Let’s be honest, there have been bumps along the road. I have struggled with imposter syndrome, feeling like I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing, fear of what other people might think, and anxiety about being a “failure”. I have felt pressure to please the algorithm and chase numbers. I have had a fair amount of unpleasant messages too, being a woman on the internet seems to unfortunately draw a lot of unwanted attention.

But, there have also been some pretty incredible moments. Emails and messages from all of you who are following saying how you are enjoying my writing, and especially comments that my writing has helped you get through this last year are worth every single hard part to get here. Connecting with other creators, and expanding my ideas of what is possible. Growing and maturing in my writing and craft, and ultimately finding a direction I want to move in. These are the reasons I started in the first place.

1 year later the HBLogs community is made up of more than 400 people, about 200 following on Instagram and 200 following here through email. And, I want to say, it’s not just about numbers, numbers don’t matter to me if I’m not creating things I am proud of and excited to make, and helping other people along the way. Because my goal more than anything is to help other people by sharing my experiences. But, numbers help tell me that there are people out there listening and that maybe (hopefully) those people are being helped by what I am sharing.

So, I want to finish by saying – thank you. Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for following along on this written journey, thank you for supporting me in pursuing this project and continuing to do so, your support makes this possible. I am excited to see where this journey goes, and love bringing you all along. And it is my sincere hope that together, we are figuring out how to live life well.

Here are some of my favorite posts from this past year:
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Does Being In-Shape Make You Well?
Acting Out of Kindness, Not Fear
Covid Chronicles – Part 10
Waves (HBL original Poem)

Write soon,

Hannah B.L.

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