Covid Chronicles – Part 15

This is a journal of my thoughts and feelingduring the pandemic of COVID-19Written on June 21st, 2021.

I wasn’t planning on writing this post right now but I can’t help but document this moment.

I realized after I took this photo that it is slightly confusing. This is my first covid vaccine, but I got so excited I made the peace sign without thinking.

This moment was surreal and emotional. I knew I had to mark it somehow.

I know that this will be a moment I look back on as a significant moment in my life.

This last year and a half have been so hard. So much stress, change, unknown, and loss. So lonely.

We will never go back to normal, we are creating a new normal. And that’s scary too.

This is the first step.

To feeling safer, protecting my health, and most importantly protecting those I love most.

Write soon,

Hannah B.L.

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