Covid Chronicles – Part 16

This is a journal of my thoughts and feelingduring the pandemic of COVID-19Written on July 20th, 2021.

Is this the end of the Covid Chronicles?

Its been a month since my last Covid Chronicles and I think you can guess what this post will be about. I got my second Covid vaccine!

This moment is honestly strange and very emotional. It has been a very long year and a half to get here and the craziest part is that we weren’t even sure if we would get here. This vaccine is a blessing on the world, I don’t want to imagine if we hadn’t been able to make one.

I am deeply grateful I live in a part of the world where I have access to it, it is a privilege. And I hope, that soon the whole world will also be where we are in Canada.

So, where does the Covid Chronicles go from here? Well I’m not exactly sure to be honest. We aren’t “back to normal” and I don’t think we will ever be. I have said it before and I will say it again, we are working toward creating a new normal. Whatever that means. With that, I can imagine there may still be future posts on the Covid Chronicles but it will likely slow down.

I have enjoyed documenting my experiences, thoughts, and feelings during these difficult and truly strange times. It has helped me get through weeks where I hurt deeply, and for that I am thankful. These will be posts I will look back on to remember what happened and how I felt through these long days.

I am also grateful as this series, if you can call it that, gave me a lot of momentum in starting my blog. Without it, I don’t know if my writing (and my confidence in it) would have progressed to where it is now. It is one positive thing that has come out of Covid-19 in my life.

Thank you to all of you who have followed along in this series. I hope it has helped some of you also living through this, even if just to know you are not alone and to have someone to share in the struggle. I will continue to blog about mental health and sharing my poetry as well so I hope you will come back for that (you can even sign up to receive email notifications).

For now, I will sign off from this series for the time being. I will check back in if I feel I have something to share.

I will also be taking a little holiday in the first two weeks of August so next week will be my last post for 2 weeks. I am hoping to do a lot of writing while on my summer vacation, some time away and rest does us all good.

It is strange to be on the other side of such a very long time, sort of like crossing an ocean and standing on the other shore looking back at where you came from. Although it’s not perfect, and it isn’t over, I think the longest parts are behind us, and that is a good feeling.

Write soon,

Hannah B.L.

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