What World Will Be Left?

This poem is dedicated to fighting for climate justice and published on Earth Day April 22, 2022.

Gentle water lapping on the lakeside,
water like an aged mirror
reflecting the soft colours of the evening sky.

Blue tinged with soft pinks and yellows,
the scene so still.
A tiny moment in time
spent reflecting on life’s louder moments.

A beautiful pause tinged with knowing you can’t stay here forever.
Not all moments can be as calm as the water or as softly coloured.

After only a few glances and a few deep breaths
we return to the bussle of daily life
not knowing when we will come back to this healing nature.

The stress of not knowing what the future holds
and the worry that this beautiful water will never be so calm again.
And may not even be here for generations later to come to, to look at,
to gaze in for their own moments of calm reflection and respite.

As I stand here and stare,
I am struck by it.
I can’t help but to ask,
what world will be left?

Will the trees still be here?

Will the water still be clean and fresh?

Will it still reflect the pastel tones of the sky above?

Will the earth still grow such sweet fruit?

After we are done, what world will be left?

All poetry and artwork are my own original works. Please do not download, copy paste, or otherwise use them without permission. If you would like to use or feature my work please contact me.

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