I’m Not Keeping Up: Life & Blog Update

Where I’ve been, how I’m feeling, and what’s happening with this blog.

Hello blog friends, I’ve missed you.

I thought I owed you a bit of an update as I have been very very absent on here over the last few months.

I started a new job back in late June and while its going well and overall has been a good change in my life, it has come with challenges and changes that I haven’t fully adjusted to or figured out how to address. And a lot of those changes have meant having a lot less time to dedicate to some of my hobbies, including this blog.

That said, I really miss this space. I miss sitting down and writing out my experiences and thoughts and sharing them with all of you. This blog has given me a sense of meaning when I have often not found it in my day-to-day life, even if it’s just an amateur blog. I love reading your comments and correspondence and connecting with people across the world. So, I wanted to come on here, say hello and also take a moment to acknowledge that I am not keeping up around here.

I’ve said it before in other posts and I’m going to keep saying it, our society expects too much from all of us. The level of productivity that we are all expected to maintain day in and day out is unattainable and damaging to our physical and mental well-being.

Work full time, keep a perfectly clean home, cook a homecooked meal every night, stay fit and slim, spend quality time with your spouse, have long-term friendships and of course some hobbies and a side hustle. It’s exhausting and in my opinion, impossible to maintain.

And there is that whole lie of “work life balance”. There is no balance to be found in juggling all of these things. It seems to me that the only balance that can be found is in choosing not to do most of these things and basically rejecting the social pressures that are all around us. Easier said than done.

If you feel overwhelmed, like your drowning, or like you are just barely keeping up with the pack, you are not alone, I feel exactly the same way. Especially as someone who is living with a disability (chronic illness and chronic pain), it feels like the world is just not designed for me and I have to fight extra hard to sort of keep up.

This has been really hard on my sense of self-worth, and identity.

Not to mention I’m still reeling from the massive waves of change that have been swirling around us with the ongoing pandemic, war, and climate crisis. There just seems to be no end to any of it.

All of this said, I still love this blog and I want to keep writing. So, I’m going to try and take a few moments here and there to sit down and write. I don’t know how often it will be if I’m being honest, but I do want to keep doing this whenever I can.

And I do have so much to share with you! I have so many blogs that are half-written and waiting to be edited so somehow I just need to find the time, and the energy, to get them ready to share with you all.

I have to stop writing now and get ready for another day at work, but thank you for reading this and being here. I hope this helped you feel less alone in the world as it does for me. Take care of yourselves.

Write soon,

Hannah B.L.

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