A Thousand Rainbows In All Directions

I don’t think there is anything quite as beautiful or magical
as the sparkle of undisturbed freshly fallen snow.

As the morning sun rises to find its noon hour pinnacle
casting a thousand rainbows in all directions.

Or as it sets and gently casts a pink, purple, and buttery yellow glow
across the millions of tiny frozen diamonds.

Or when there is no sun at all and it softly glistens in perfect frozen haunted wonder.

It is always a breathtaking sight to see.

Although winter is often thought of as the second or even last son,
overlooked by its more flamboyant siblings of spring, summer or autumn,
there is a beauty to be found in it just the same.

All poetry and artwork are my own original works. Please do not download, copy paste, or otherwise use them without permission. If you would like to use or feature my work please contact me.

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