This poem was written in one of the darkest days of my infertility journey, when I was overcome with grief and felt truly empty. It honors those feelings. My womb is empty. It is not full of life. It is empty. My body is not a vessel. My womb is empty. My arms hang limp … Continue reading Empty

Spring Sun Rising

A spring sun is rising,high in the skies above,to melt away the last of winters snow. The wind ushers in the warmth of summer.The smell of sweet muddy spring air. A new beginning.A fresh start.Another season. The earth is waking up from frozen slumber. All poetry and artwork are my own original works. Please do … Continue reading Spring Sun Rising


I feel like 28 (for me at least)is about shaking off the last of the insecurity of your early twenties,and the anxious fervor of your mid twenties,and beginning to settle into the comfort and healthy boundaries of your 30s. I no longer need flashy things, although they're fun.But I crave comfort and softness and ease.Deeper … Continue reading 28