Who am I? Exploring LGBTQ+ Identity

My complicated relationship with my LGBTQ+ identity. Talking about internalized homophobia, labels & authenticity, gender identity, bi & pan-erasure, and passability. It's Pride month, if you hadn't already noticed the rainbows everywhere. For anyone asking, why do we need a dedicated Pride month? Visibility is vitally important when it comes to confronting systems of discrimination … Continue reading Who am I? Exploring LGBTQ+ Identity

Rewriting Toxic Positivity Expressions

Toxic Positivity has been a bit of a buzzword lately, and I think a really helpful one. Basically, toxic positivity is when you always try to be positive, happy, or have a smiley-attitude, despite experiencing negative feelings. It's called toxic positivity because this kind of positivity, that fails to acknowledge, dismisses, or attempts to erase … Continue reading Rewriting Toxic Positivity Expressions