Rewriting Toxic Positivity Expressions

Toxic Positivity has been a bit of a buzzword lately, and I think a really helpful one. Basically, toxic positivity is when you always try to be positive, happy, or have a smiley-attitude, despite experiencing negative feelings. It's called toxic positivity because this kind of positivity, that fails to acknowledge, dismisses, or attempts to erase … Continue reading Rewriting Toxic Positivity Expressions

5 Ways to Meditate at Home

The word meditation has often been misunderstood, narrowly stereotyped, and the people who practice or promote it ridiculed. These stereotypes and misunderstandings often stem from prejudice and limited understandings of many eastern philosophies. Not all meditation looks alike and so if crossed-legged stillness is what you picture, or the perfect serenity of the Buddha, and … Continue reading 5 Ways to Meditate at Home

Why I Hate the Discourse around Mental Health and Covid-19

The other night while my husband and I were finishing up a movie we were reading through someone's comments on Facebook who was talking about reopening and how we had to reopen because “isolation hurts people's mental health”. I proceeded to get pretty fired up because I'm getting really tired of these kinds of discussions. … Continue reading Why I Hate the Discourse around Mental Health and Covid-19