This darkness is fuel. Don't run from it,don't fight it,grab hold of it. Grow from it.Explore it. Let it be thisthat inspires and feeds your return to the light. It can't consume youunless you let it. All poetry and artwork are my own original works. Please do not download, copy paste, or otherwise use them … Continue reading Darkness


Sunset skiesare like a kiss goodbyeat a day's end. Vivid.Full of passion.Full of life. Their colours on full display,they capture us and fill uswith awe and peace,warm our hearts,and make us feel like the world is a little better. But should you turn away,or blink,or just not pay close attention,they are gone and over.A missed … Continue reading Sunset

Refilling Your Creative Well: Recovering from Burn-Out

How to help refill your creative well and come back from burn-out. If you follow my Covid Chronicles series you know that I hit a really low point before the holidays. A big part of that was feeling very stressed, overwhelmed, and creatively burnt out, and in general just burnt-out. I was feeling directionless, uninspired, … Continue reading Refilling Your Creative Well: Recovering from Burn-Out