Who am I? Exploring LGBTQ+ Identity

My complicated relationship with my LGBTQ+ identity. Talking about internalized homophobia, labels & authenticity, gender identity, bi & pan-erasure, and passability. It's Pride month, if you hadn't already noticed the rainbows everywhere. For anyone asking, why do we need a dedicated Pride month? Visibility is vitally important when it comes to confronting systems of discrimination … Continue reading Who am I? Exploring LGBTQ+ Identity

I Tried HelloFresh

Sharing my experience trying out HelloFresh. Is it the solution to all of our cooking woes? *this article was in no way sponsored by or in partnership with HelloFresh. All products were ordered on my own. Meal kit services have become all-the-rage in the last couple of years, and even more so during the pandemic. … Continue reading I Tried HelloFresh